Human-centred design of digital health apps

Workshop description

Topic: Service design

Come and explore how people are taken into consideration when designing digital health applications.

The world is full of poorly functioning digital applications and services!

In service design, it is important to take people into account, so that the interactive services are easy to use and have the appropriate features. For example, in healthcare, digital solutions aim to improve health and wellbeing as well as to support the patients and caregivers as part of care.

In the workshop you create ideas, plan and test in practice in a small group how this happens. You will meet students and researchers of human-centered design, with whom you can discuss about the topics. The workshop will also introduce Aalto University's new technical psychology education program. The graduates of technical psychology can work, for example, as designers of digital health services or experts in human-centred artificial intelligence.

Organiser: Johanna Viitanen
Language: Bilingual (Finnish/English)
Location: Väre (Otaniementie 14), Q103 and Q101
Time: 13:00-14:30

The maximum amount of participants is 20 people.

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