Evgenia Vanadzina

Post-doctoral researcher, LUT University

Vanadzina oli vuoden 2019 tapahtuman puhuja LUT-yliopistossa.
Evgenia Vanadzina

What have you studied and what influenced this choice back in the day?
I studied Electrical Engineering. Both my parents are engineers, and the choice of future profession seemed obvious to me. I was fascinated by physics at high school and was quite good at it, so I applied for Moscow Power Engineering Institute and got in. After my Bachelor degree, I came to LUT through a double degree program to study electricity markets. Studying for Master degree at LUT became a wonderful addition to my existing technical knowledge, providing me insights on the economic perspective of power production, transmission and distribution to final consumer.

How did you become Post-doctoral researcher?
My first job after graduation was a research assistant at the university, which turned into doctoral studies. After graduation, I continued on an academic path. During my academic work I had a chance to spend some time studying and working in Cambridge University and Oxford University, deepening my knowledge of energy markets. Now, following my ambitions, I am starting as an Analyst in a portfolio management team at Gasum Oy.

What is best thing about your job?
I see many great things in my job. First of all is a sense that you are doing a useful job and contributing to a wellbeing of everyone; because energy is such a big and important field, which has impact on all of us.

Secondly – particularly working as a researcher– you are constantly learning new things at work and get paid for that, isn’t it great? Thirdly, being a scientist provides you with possibilities to travel the world for the conferences and for the projects, and the possibility to meet exciting and inspiring people.

What do you consider as your biggest successes?
I think defending a doctoral dissertation is one of the biggest successes so far, because it is a proof of my expertise in my area of energy research. As my professor said: “Getting a doctoral degree is, first of all, a proof that you can solve difficult problems”.

What do you expect from the future?
I would like to continue my work in energy resources and energy markets. It is a very broad field, which includes engineering, economics and social sciences, and also a very important one, because using knowledge in the field of energy means you can significantly help tackle global issues as climate change. I would like to have a global impact and contribute to having cleaner and safer world.

Your greetings for young women in high school deliberating their future career?
When deciding on your future career, be brave and be daring to follow your dreams. The challenging endeavors give the most desirable rewards. Therefore, pursue the path that you choose for yourself with confidence and readiness to work to make your dreams come true.

What kind of person is suitable for your profession?

I think the main feature or characteristic of the person in engineering should be a constant curiosity, which drives the person to ask challenging questions and find the right answers. In addition, there should be an excitement about the field and the final result.

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