Dip Wrap a Cucumber


Aihe: Kemia

DipWrap is a sustainable alternative to plastic shrink wrap used to protect grocery store products.

Learn how to dip wrap a cucumber. 

Vegetables and fruits are dipped into an aqueous solution of DipWrap consisting of agar, cellulose nanocrystal, and carnauba wax which then forms a solid film. Once peeled off, the biodegradable film can be easily disposed.

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Järjestäjä: Tapani Vuorinen
Workshopin kieli: Englanti
Sijainti: ChemArts, Vuorimiehentie 1
Klo: 13:00-14:30 tai 14:45-16:15

Workshoppien osallistujien enimmäismäärä on 10 henkilöä/workshop.

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