Extended Reality (XR) and Digital Twins

Demon järjestää Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulun Mechatronics Group


Extended Reality (XR) and Digital Twins, the two core technologies of "Industrial Metaverse", are revolutionizing the future of industrial operations, enabling more efficient, sustainable, and human-centric systems in the dawn of Industry 5.0.

The crane control mixed reality (MR) demo is a compelling example of this transformative integration. In this demo, you'll step into the shoes of a crane operator, experiencing firsthand the revolutionary impact of the Industrial Metaverse on manufacturing. We've designed a safer, more intuitive, and efficient control interface, providing a glimpse into the future landscape of industrial automation. Through the MR interface, you can see how Digital Twins and XR work in harmony to elevate precision and control in crane operations, underscoring our commitment to a sustainable and human-centric industrial future.

Esittelijä: Xinyi Tu
Tutkimusryhmä: Mechatronics Group
Laitos: Konetekniikan laitos, Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu

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