Minna Huotilainen will be the keynote speaker at Shaking up Tech.

Read Professor Minna Huotilainen's interview on the Speakers-page.

The University of Eastern Finland joins Shaking up Tech!

University of Eastern Finland joins Shaking up Tech at Aalto University, LUT University and University of Oulu campuses.

Save the date! Shaking up Tech returns on 23 January 2025!

In addition to Aalto University, LUT University and University of Oulu, University of Turku will also host an event in collaboration with Åbo Akademi.

We will start publishing the program during Summer 2024, and application period for the event will begin in Autumn.

Stay tuned!

Event goers gathered in a lobby, waiting for the program to begin.

What is Shaking up Tech?

Shaking up Tech is a yearly event by universities for women and gender minorities who are beginning their path towards university studies and career choices. In Shaking up Tech we wish to give out a versatile understanding of technology as a field and career choice. The aim of the event is to inspire young people from genders underpresented in the field of technology to apply for a technical field after high school.

Shaking up Tech event

Event goer info

On this page you can find all the information you need to apply and participate in Shaking up Tech.

Kemian laboratorio -työpajassa opiskelijat pääsivät mm. venyttämään hämähäkkisilkkiä sen jälkeen, kun silkkiproteiini oli sopivasti tiivistynyt. (Shaking up Tech 2019, kuva: Mikko Raskinen)


Participating in the workshops, the participants get to experience what does working in the field of technology mean .

Event participant heating up a string made of heat-active material with a heatgun.

Demo session

The demo session will showcase the latest products and inventions in the field of technology from university students and event partners.

Shaking up Tech 2020


See the speakers for Shaking up Tech career stories by women working in the technology field.

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