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Are you a woman or do you belong to a gender minority and working the technology field?

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2022 speakers' career stories

Tytti Bruce-Hyrkäs, Granlund

Head of Carbon Neutrality


Mirja Illikainen, University of Oulu

Dean, Faculty of Technology


Mari Kallioinen, LUT University

Head of the Department of Separation Technology

Mari Kallioinen

Heli Koskimäki, Oura

Head of Future Physiology


Meri Lundahl, Teraloop Oy

Chief Sustainability Officer


Galith Nadbornik, Gartner

Regional Vice president


2020 speakers' career stories

Sonja Heikkilä, PostNord Oy

Business Development & Innovation Lead

Sonja Heikkilä

Mira Hulkkonen

Climate change researcher

Mira studied meteorology

Mira Hulkkonen

Anne Jalkala, Fortum

Vice-president of Innovation and Venturing

Anne Jalkala

Mari Lundström, Aalto University

Assistant professor, Metallurgy

Mari Lundström

Asta Pellinen-Wannberg

Former physics professor

Asta Pellinen-Wannberg

Henna Peltoniemi, Ahlsell Oy

Training and Business Development Manager

Henna Peltoniemi

Heidi Piili, University of Turku

Senior research scientist

Heidi Piili

Hele Savin, Aalto University

Professor, Solar Energy

Hele Savin

Merja Teirikangas, VTT

Senior Scientist

Merja Teirikangas
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