The Harald Herlin Learning center at Aalto University will host a demo session which showcases research results.

The visit to the demo session is meant to be choosed in alternative to the second workshop.

  • Location: Harald Herlin Learning Center
  • Address: Otaniementie 9
  • At 14:45-16:30

3D printing technologies

Organiser: Materials to products research group

3d printing outcome

Prosthetic hand

Organiser: Bionic and Rehabilitation Engineering research group

Hand prosthesis

Thermal imaging camera FLIR

Organiser: Aalto NeuroImaging Infrastructure

Thermal imaging camera

Heat responsive textiles

The demo is organised by the Multifunctional Materials Design group

Heat responsive textile

Ultrasonic superhearing device

Organiser: Department of Information and Communications Engineering

Device providing super-hearing

Virtual campus tour

Organiser: Aalto University's Leadership Support Services

Campus view from drone
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