The aim of universities is to provide everyone with an equal and accessible operating environment, where employees and students with different positions and backgrounds are treated equally and which enables equal participation in the university's activities. With the Shaking up Tech event, we want to offer a versatile understanding of technology as a field and as a career choice, and to show that the field of technology offers many opportunities to influence our world. The goal is also to show to our event participants that their knowledge and skills are more than enough to join in on building the future of tech, and we are encouraging them to come and shake up the gender discrepancy in the field. 

The partners of the Shaking up Tech events have been a number of companies with the same goal. We also expect the same goals from the partners of future events. The technology industry needs different people to challenge the norms and think in a new way. Different ideas and versatile teams lead to unexpected, better results and that is the key to sustainable success and a thriving working environment.

Shaking up Tech fair

Do you want to be a part of an event that aims to encourage women and non-binary people to begin their studies in the field of technology?

The event gathers young people who are interested in the tech field from all over Finland to get inspired by technology and hear how it is changing the world. Based on the feedback, the participants' interest in the field has grown significantly after visiting in the the event.

Partnerships are primarily agreed on yearly during April-May, but you can contact us any time of the year!

If Shaking up Tech piques your interest and you want to support the young people on their way to join the field of technology, please contact us. We are happy to find the best way for you to support the event and tell you more about our program.

Contact us:

Shaking up Tech team, Espoo:
[email protected]

Shaking up Tech team, Lappeenranta:
[email protected]

Shaking up Tech team, Oulu:
[email protected]

Juhani Lehtinen, Event manager + partnerships:
[email protected]
✆ +358 29 4420105


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