Mariam Abdulkareem, LUT-University

Mariam Abdulkareem, DSc. (Tech), Post-doctoral researcher, Sustainablity Science, LUT School of Energy Systems

"Research isn’t just about reading boring journals like some will put it but about opening your mind to new perspectives."

Mariam Abdulkareem
Mariam Abdulkareem, LUT School of Energy Systems

What have you studied and what influenced this choice back in the day?

I studied environmental technology with sustainability science as a research field. I came to this option due to my interest in sustainability and how it can be integrated in product development. 

How did you become a researcher?

My path to becoming a post-doctoral researcher started out from conducting my Masters studies in environmental technology. My Master studies expanded my perspectives on how sustainable solutions can be integrated in any sector, from energy sector to construction, waste, transportation etc. This fueled my interest more as I delved deeper into sustainability science and solutions in my PhD study where I had the opportunity to conduct sustainability assessments for different products. This path has led to me becoming a post-doctoral researcher.

What is the best thing about your job?

Knowing that I am contributing to a more sustainable environment.

What have been the highlights and key lessons of your career?

Defending my doctoral thesis has definitely been a major highlight. 
The most important lessons for me are:

  • Not limiting oneself. Any breakthrough you will achieve starts from you and your mind and once you are convinced within yourself that you will succeed, there’s no stopping you
  • Have a good support system. We all have good and bad days, and it is very important to have people you can count on especially on bad days
  • You will win some and lose some, the goal is to keep going and take both the wins and losses as a lesson
  • Do not be afraid to explore, to ask for help, to knock on doors

What are your plans and goals in the future?

I see myself exploring outside of academia and doing more of capacity building, sustainability consulting as well as giving back to local communities

What kind of person is suitable for your profession?

My career is suitable for anyone. Research isn’t just about reading boring journals like some will put it but about opening your mind to new perspectives.

Your greetings for young women in high school deliberating their future career?

Just go for it, do not hold yourself back or create imaginary fears. We all are learning on this journey and sometimes we don’t always get it right. But the most important is the ability to do better when we know better.

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