Demo session

Quantum videogames

The demo is organised by InstituteQ

InstituteQ, quantum tech videogame

Get intuition about quantum phenomena playing our QUESTs!

At QPlayLearn we develop multilevel educational resources on quantum physics and quantum technologies. 

We designed our QUEST cards to discover the main aspects of quantum physics without having to dig into the mathematical technicalities, but keeping it scientifically accurate. Each concept inspired a videogame that you are welcome to try out today, as we think that learning can and should be fun.

We also believe that these notions should be within everyone’s reach, especially now that quantum technologies are likely to deeply impact society and to create new exciting careers for the students of today.

Join us if you are curious to explore the beauty of quantum physics and the potential of quantum technologies!

Presenter: Cecilia Chiaracane and Stefano Mangini
Research group: Helteq
Department: Physics (University of Helsinki, InstituteQ)

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