Demo session


The demo is organised by Hareva team, Design Factory

Hareva project for safer medical procedures

The light source is essential in a development of an AR-headset which will allow surgeons to differentiate tissues before indistinguishable by the human eye. 

Hareva team was tasked to create an adjustable NIR light source in the beginning of the PDP nine months ago. The headset uses data from the NIR light source, hyperspectral camera, and specially trained AI to show overlays of different tissues in the AR-headset. The technology is spearheaded by an ATTRACT project H3D-VISIOnAIR. 

To achieve these goals, we did literature and user research, visited HUS three times to understand the environment we are putting our product in, and did user ergonomics testing.  In the end we developed a NIR light with spectrum from 760 to 1000 nm which is fully customizable and different ways to mount it. There is nothing as capable on the market, and for the H3D-VISIOnAir it replaces big and bulky halogen spotlights. Our LED light source gives them accuracy and flexibility never seen before.

Presenter:Aaro Packalén
Research group: Hareva
Aalto Design Factory

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