See the future and experience buildings before they’re built

The demo is organised by Sweco, which is an official 2023 Shaking up Tech sponsor

Sweco is a pioneer in utilizing various technological solutions in its field. VirtualSite™ is an in-house built virtual reality platform that has been in use on customer projects for several years now. 

With VirtualSite, you can create an image of your virtual surroundings and immerse yourself in the environment. The design of our experts can be experienced realistically, on scale, and entirely virtually. This technology enables new types of remote meetings where participants get to peek into the future. In VirtualSite, plans are not just reviewed; they are experienced. Through technology, we create visualizations that have a feel to them. We show what will be, but we do it right here today. We enable presenting the design for all the various stakeholders in the project, from homebuyers to financial folks and authorities. In our demo, you can get a sense of the design in a more immersive way through technology.

Presenter: Camilla Leiman, Annamarri Henno (Aalto University), Elina Lohiniva, Tiia Haaranen, Mira Huttunen (University of Oulu)

Company: Sweco

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