Biodegradable earplugs from bio-waste

Workshop description

Topic: acoustics and material chemistry

This workshop will introduce you to new acoustic materials made from natural fibres (e.g. cellulose).

Earplugs workshop

Raw materials can be separated, for example from organic waste, and the workshop will show how they can be made into porous, sound-absorbing materials. A wide range of new materials will be presented, including equipment to measure acoustic properties and learn how sound is attenuated in porous materials.

Oranisers: Jaana Vapaavuori (CHEM) and Tapio Lokki (ELEC)
Language: bilingual (Finnish and English)
Location: Aalto Acoustics Lab, A Grid / Otakaari 5A
Time: 12:55-14:25 (1st group) or 14:50-16:20 (2nd group)

The maximum amount of participants is 10 people/group.

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