Brain and mind

Workshop description

Topic: Neuroscience and medical technology

In our workshop, you can get to know Aalto University's brain research laboratories, and also measure yourself the function of the brain, nervous system and heart.

The basis of all our thoughts, memories and feelings is the cooperation of our brain's approx. 86 billion brain cells.

But how does the brain actually work, what happens in the brain when we talk, learn new things, listen to music or play computer games? How is the brain and its function studied? The researchers of the Department of Neuroscience and Medical Technology act as your guides to the world of brain research.

Organisers: Linda Henriksson, Mia Liljeström
Language: Bilingual (Finnish/English)
Location: Nanotalo (Puumiehenkuja 2), Aalto Meg Core Lab
Time: 13:00-14:30 (first group) and 14:45-16:15 (second group)

The maximum amount of participants is 10 people/group.

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