Clean water with photocatalysis

Workshop description

Clean water is a necessity of today, and due to new emerging pollutants the treatment of both waste and fresh water needs to be continuously improved.

Introduction: In this workshop you will get information on the water quality, pollution and treatment. You will also get practical hands-on experience on the photocatalytic treatment of water along with the information on the important process parameters, and other related aspects. Along with the practical work, you can discuss with the researchers about their work, studies and career paths. Workshop languages: Finnish and English.

Workshop Activities:

  1. Introducton to the topic: A brief overview on good water quality and photocatalysis. 
  2. Hands on experience: In the workshop the students will carry out photocatalytic water purification and follow how the purification proceeds using Uv-vis measurements. At the same time the students will learn more about the topic.
  3. Role models: During the workshops, the students can discuss with women researchers in the field about their studies, career paths and achievements.

Organiser: Environmental and Chemical Engineering research unit, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu
Size of group: 5 persons at a time

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