Sustainable and smart use of Arctic sea

Workshop description

Topic: Marine and Arctic technology

The workshop focuses on the sustainability development goal of our maritime ecosystem.

The aim is to jointly define the knowledge, skills, and training for future maritime experts. We will develop also novel ideas how the new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics can create a future sustainable and smart maritime ecosystem. The aim is to tackle the ambitious climate objectives, such as the reducing at least 50% of the CO2 emissions of maritime shipping operations by 2050 with help of advanced solutions and concepts. Therefore, in this workshop, we will further identify current global challenges, and analyse how these objectives are expected to be fulfilled with the inclusion of new maritime professionals.

Organisers: Jani Romanoff and Jukka Tuhkuri
Language: Bilingual (Finnish/English)
Location: Konetekniikka 1 (Otakaari 4), 201
Time: 14:45-16:15

The maximum amount of participants is 15 people.

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