Offshore wind on cold seas

Workshop description

Topic: Arctic technology and ice mechanics

In this workshop you will perform material testing on ice to understand it breaks against various structure types and get to see how different offshore wind turbine structure types break the ice around them in model scale tests.

Photo: Aalto University / Otto Puolakka

There is a strong drive towards green energy. The European Union aims to boost offshore wind energy production from present 12 GW to 300 GW by year 2050. The sea areas around Finland have great potential for wind energy harvesting, but their annual ice cover presents a technical challenge for structural safety, leaving this potential largely unused.

In the workshop, you will also get to compare the ice load levels for two different structure types and learn how large loads by ice can be avoided.

Organisers: Arttu Polojärvi and Otto Puolakka
Language: Bilingual (Finnish and English)
Location: Aalto ice and Wave Tank
Time: 12:55-14:25 (first group) and 14:50-16:20 (second group)

The maximum amount of participants is 20 people/group.

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